My Health Journey

20 Years of Meds – for Naught!

For over 20 years, I suffered from severe acne; no antibiotics and even the harshest medications helped, sometimes they even made the problem worse. During that time, none of the many doctors and dermatologists I had consulted ever alluded to the possibility that food might be the culprit; not their fault really, since nutrition was not taught at all in medical school (it’s just starting!).

Eventually, I realized that a certain food group was the root cause of my incessant breakouts. At the age of 31, I got rid of my teen-age acne. Fast forward a couple of decades, I became a health coach  to help individuals identify what foods are possibly undermining their health but also what food- or non-food related choices are preventing them for reaching their maximum well-being.  Are you ready to reach your full potential?



my_health_journey_healthy_choices 350x350Culinary Heritage in a Fast Food World

One of the difficult aspects of adopting a healthier lifestyle for me was reconciling healthy eating with my culinary heritage and the latest scientific studies while leaving in a country where fast food is omnipresent.

As an emigrant, this feeling was even reinforced: I had willingly moved to the United States as a teenager, but I felt strongly about keeping most of the French traditions surrounding food: food was my way of staying connected.

I finally realized that my food choices had real consequences on my health, energy level and happiness, and that I had to find a balance that served me best. While I continue eating “a la francaise”, I certainly privilege vegetables and a cleaner, greener diet in good company, I try to find the “sweet spot” between nutritious and delicious. I still eat foods that I love, but I have made some minor alterations to give me better inner/outer health.

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