About Me

The Gourmet Side of “Moi”

catherine_vial 350x240I was born and raised near Lyon, France, where food and cooking and “joie de vivre” are central pillars of daily living. I love to eat and cook without much fuss. Over the years, I have learned to favor foods that serve both my health and my tastebuds, and avoid those that don’t.

Since I cook every day, I prefer recipes with fewer ingredients, with a on fresh and seasonal focus. “Maximize taste, pleasure and nutrition, and minimize time spent in the kitchen” is my modus operandi. Most of the time, I see cooking as a creative outlet and a gift of health and love to my family. By increasing the amount of healthful and tasty dishes, being healthy is easy and sustainable. I am a “health-conscious pleasuretarian” with foods that serve me best and a “climaterian” emphasizing foods that have a lesser carbon footprint.  How do you describe your way of eating?

Why the Name “Aigle Health”?

Aigle (aka Aegle) is the Goddess of Radiant Health in Greek mythology. In addition, “aigle” means “eagle” in French, conjuring the idea of soaring. The two ideas combined illustrate perfectly my mission: supporting you on your individual path to radiant health and wellness, so you can soar toward your own life goals — on your own terms.

My Professional Background

Supporting you on your individual path to radiant health and wellness, on your own terms.

After an exciting 30+ -year career in international trade, I decided to re-invent myself and avoid burnout. I know what it is like to live in a foreign country (I moved to the U.S. at the age of 16, and then worked for years in Belgium in my 40s), to try to balance family/friends with work and personal growth, and to suffer from the consequences of food intolerances.

Being a health and wellness coach satisfies my life-long interest in good food, holistic health, my genuine interest in other people as well as my value for environmental responsibility. It’s also a way for me to give back.

My Training: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

During my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I greatly advanced knowledge of nutrition, overall wellness, and coaching skills. The world's top health and wellness experts shared over 100 dietary theories everything from Ayurveda, gluten-free, Paleo, to vegan, and macrobiotics, and everything in between. I became my first client: I tried several of these diets and most of the self-care tips. I can testify that this program works!

My Pledge of Ethics

I acknowledge and agree to honor my ethical and legal obligations to my coaching clients, colleagues, and to the public at large. I pledge to comply with the Code of Ethics of International Consortium of Health and Wellness and to practice these standards with those whom I coach, teach, mentor, and supervise.

On the Personal Front

I live in Washington, DC with my husband and my son. In the summer, we spend weeks in Northern Maine in our off-the-grid log cabin, lake-side to recharge our own batteries. I love to cook, eat with family and friends, travel and read. I have a strong interest in sustainability and environmental issues, and try to live my life accordingly.