• Don’t make resolutions, create habits
    Together, we’ll identify the best tools to support YOU and create life-long habits that will lead you to vibrant health and wellness.
  • Let’s talk about food and other nourishments
    Specific foods, habits, and choices nourish you. They can be your medicine or your poison -- your engine or your breaks. Are you ready and committed to start your journey to improved well-being?
  • Traditions, modern diet, and health
    Do you want to keep savoring your family's culinary tradition, but in a way that serves your health and matches today's fast-paced lifestyle?
  • A holistic, client-centered approach
    Together, we examine all areas impacting your wellness: career, physical activity, relationships, and other lifestyle choices- beyond foods.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

- Hippocrates

I offer you that opportunity; contact me for a free confidential consultation.

Having completed the program myself, I assure you that you will feel lighter, more vibrant, and fulfilled.

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What is Aigle Health?

  • About Me

    catherine_vial 90x90After 30+ years as an international trade professional, I decided to pursue my love of food, wellness and people, and adopt a more balanced lifestyle. Originally from France, I love to eat, cook, travel and have "real conversations" with family and friends. Learn more about me...
  • What I Do

    I provide tailored support to people who are ready to take their health to a higher level  and pursue a fulfilling life.  I become an "expert" on each of my clients and give them practical tools for various areas of their lives, starting with foods. Learn more about my approach...
  • Core Concepts

    No one diet fits all. Food must be enjoyable and nutritious, and all areas of life affect wellness. We’ll explore a number of powerful concepts and create a tailored plan that works just for you. Your program will be realistic, achievable, and fun! Learn more about my core concepts...